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Navas Racing Club Trackday
2020-05-02 08:00

Nemuno Žiedas, Kačerginė

Navas racing club Trackday information:

Viso renginio metu dalyviai privalės išlaikyti 10 m. atstumą tarp asmenų. Į renginį asmenys iki 18 m. amžiaus neįleidžiami. Taisyklė galioja tiek mechanikams, šeimos nariams ar kitam personalui. 
Vienam asmeniui turi būti skiriama ne mažiau 10 kv. m.
Viso renginio metu renginio teritorijoje privaloma nešioti veidą dengiančią kaukę bei pirštines.
Esant galimybei dezinfekuoti rankas.
Žiūrovai į renginį neįleidžiami
DĖL ŠALYJE PASKELBTO KARANTINO BMA „Baltic Motorcyclists Association“ varžybos, organizuojamos sporto klubo – „Supersportas“, YRA ATŠAUKIAMOS

All motorcyclists can take part in the Trackday provided they have the required safety gear (back and spine guard is mandatory) and a technically orderly motorcycle (headlights have to be masked and side mirrors have to be folded inwards or taken off completely). 

Participants will be divided into 4 groups:

A – Very fast

B – Advanced

C – Intermediate

D – Beginner

The organizer will divide participants into groups according to their lap times, thus you will participate in a group that is of a similar level as you are, eliminating the issue of other participants going either too slow or too fast.

Race information:

BMA (“Baltic Motorcyclists Association“) race is organised by the “Supersportas” motosport club is CANCELED


60 EUR – pay upfront, no later than 3 days before the event. Registration necessary.
70 EUR – 3 days or less before the event. Cash at the place will not be accepted. Only bank transfers are accepted.

* 5 EUR discount for this event and for all other events marked as BMA events on 2020 (weekends) to all people that possess a BMA licence. Discount is not applicable for “Pre-sale” price.  BMA licences can be attained during events hosted by Navas Racing Club for the price of 10 EUR (Street-Street, Street-Superbike, Super-street, C600, C1000 classes) and 20 EUR (B600, B1000, Superbike, Supersport, SeniortTT classes) after passing a theory exam (exam consists of meanings of flags, basic rules on the race track).

Participation is available only after registration (details below).
After registering please forward money via bank transfer to the following bank account:
Recipient name: NAVAS Racing Club
Account: LT967300010146147840
Purpose of transfer: name, surname, date of event.

 For violating any rules, participants may be banned from participating in other events organized by us this year.